What's the GIG?

Welcome To Gig Delivery!

If you read any news reports, everyone is saying there is a driver shortage.  The fact is there are more independent contractors out there doing last mile delivery than ever in our history.

Even though the driver numbers are growing, the package numbers are growing faster!

We here at the Gig Delivery Network see this as an excellent opportunity to densify routes, more stops in fewer miles.  

What does this mean for you? 

More income and less expense!

Signing up for membership in the Gig Delivery Network is FREE!  We will circulate your profile information to all the clients of Flexible WorkForce in your area.  They will text you with delivery offers.  You simply accept or reject, depending on your schedule.  For each delivery completed, you will be paid through Flexible for the amount you negotiated with the shipper.

Simple as that!  And this is something you can get other family members and friends involved in.  By becoming a Master Contractor, you will receive more and more delivery opportunities that you can then off to your network!  Flexible WorkForce can help you set up that business structure.

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How Do Members Qualify?

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1.) A clean driving record

2.) Pass a background test

3.) Workman's Comp or an Occupational Accident policy (Flexible has plans available)

4.) a vehicle (any size) in good working condition

5.) A SmartPhone