What's the GIG?

What is Parcel 1 Express?


Parcel 1 Express is a consolidating agent for Visible Supply Chain and the USPS.  By signing up you can make $.25 per package label for every Priority Mail package a company you refer ships.

You encounter potential customers every day! 

Parcel 1 Express offers very competitive USPS Priority Mail domestic and international pricing particularly against FedEx and UPS, with no contract or volume commitment. This program is for shippers of all size but is particularly beneficial to eCommerce shippers of any type or size. 

 You provide the lead, we close the deal, and both you and the customer benefit. Win-win!

Simply identify shippers with our mobile APP.  The shipper will be contacted and will save between 25-40% of the standard retail Priority Mail postage rate and you make a quarter every time they ship a package.  The USPS delivers to every address, every zip code, in every state EVERY BUSINESS DAY!  FedEx and UPS can't claim that!  USPS tracking service rivals either of their competitors

Making a secondary income stream has never been easier.  Take the 30 seconds needed to fill out this form.  We will follow up under secure email to have you submit a W-9 for your payments.  You will be ready to start referring clients within 24 hours!

How's it work?

Parcel1 Express is the single source alternative pipeline between E-Commerce, Small Business, Courier Companies, Independent Contractors and the US Postal Service!
As a Parcel1 Agent, you can GIVE a discount on Postage to satisfy your customer's needs. 
As a GIG Driver, you deliver to hundreds of business' every week and you can estimate the volume of packages they ship with UPS and FedEx.  You need multiple customers to maximize your density and maximize your revenue.  
Parcel 1 can satisfy both of those needs!

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